Is Apple Swiping Some of Samsung’s Ideas a Little Too Late?

Samsung's Ideas Stolen by Apple

Apple Biting Samsung? Perhaps...

When it comes to the smartphone market, companies are accustomed to having other devices borrow ideas. With Samsung being the primary competitor for the iPhone, it makes sense for Apple to want to copy some of the ideas that make Samsung devices so popular. But is too late to grab certain features? Let’s examine the slow motion video feature in particular.

First of all, here is the idea behind how the slow motion video feature works. Your camera records at a higher frame rate. If you record at 120 frames per second, then when you play the video back at the standard 30 frames per second, it will appear to have been recorded in slow motion. The Galaxy S4 from Samsung already uses this feature, as do several types of high performance cameras designed specifically for capturing action.

While the iPhone has many other uses (as a phone, texting device, web browser, mp3 player, etc), one of the most common uses at present is for social media. That has made it a popular camera device, and because of this Apple has tried to stay ahead of the curve in the camera department. With Vine having already been in place for uploading 6 second videos, and now Instagram including a video feature, iPhone users want to be able to create unique and interesting videos to share with their friends or the public. Slow motion video seems like a logical step. But is it too late?

Slow motion video isn’t a super practical feature. It’s just cool. If your friend has been uploading slow-mo videos for months, are you going to want to start in late September when the iPhone 5S is rumored for release? It may just be a case of poor timing. Of course, Apple always has a way of surprising us, and I’m sure that slow motion video isn’t the only trick up their sleeve. In fact, there is speculation about a finger print sensor being the next big thing from Apple. What would the sensor be for? Your guess is as good as mine, but no doubt it would just add to the device’s uniqueness.

In the meantime, there is plenty to be excited about in the iPhone 5S. A quad core processor, iOS 7, a new version of Siri, and many more features are sure to keep Apple enthusiasts happy, even if some of the rumors aren’t implemented until later versions.

Apple Expected to Announce iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C on September 10th

Apple CEO Tim Cook during a Keynote presentation

Tim Cook is expected to unveil the iPhone 5S and 5C on Tuesday, September 10th.

Although multiple pictures have surfaced on the internet claiming to be official leaked images of what the iPhone 5S and 5C will look like, many skeptics have disregarded them all and patiently await Apple’s official announcement for both smartphones. The Apple iPhone 5S is expected to have more power and functions than its iPhone 5 predecessor, and the iPhone 5C has been popular dubbed the 5Cheap due to its low cost hardware. The technology world has been waiting for quite some time to hear anything official from Apple regarding the iPhone 5S and 5C, especially since Apple kept pushing the launch date of both phones back.

So far, Apple has announced that the iPhone 5S will have a gold body option, and that the 5C will come in a flurry of bright colors, such as yellow, pink, and green. Apple fans have had mixed feelings about the 5C, but consumers who were deterred by the iPhone’s high price range are excited to finally get their hands on an Apple device within their budget. We can only imagine how Steve Jobs would have reacted to the thought of compromising quality just to have more sales! Let us know if you’ll be attending Apple’s Keynote presentation live or online!

iPhone 5S Camera Rumors

iPhone 5S Dual LED Flash Leaked PhotosCamera rumors have been swirling all the way back to January of this year (shortly after the release of the iPhone 5), when iLounge reportedly received some insider information. According to the information, the iPhone 5s, while sporting the same casing, would be featuring a much larger camera and flash on the back. While this shouldn’t be surprising to many, it is encouraging.

Many of the top smartphones are trending towards extremely high megapixel cameras, topping out at 13 MP with the Sony Xperia Z, and so the iPhone 5S will assumedly be equipped with a camera that is just as large.

There have been plenty of rumors since January as well that confirm the first report that the camera on the iPhone 5S would be 13 MP, though they may just be copying the original report. There is also reason to believe that future iPhone accessories will help enhance

Will the iPhone 5S Sport a Bigger Screen?

iPhone 5S Screen

iPhone 5S screen rumored to be biggest ever

With the release of the iPhone 5S approaching, rumors are flying as to the features we are going to see. Many of the rumors circulating are in regards to the size of the screen. What is the scoop? While the iPhone has been one of the smaller smart phone screens on the market, intentionally sticking to the 4 inch mark and under, rumors are flying that the company is looking to go big.

Some of the initial reports are talking about Apple looking into both 4.7 inch screens, and even massive 5.7 inch screens, for future iPhones. Whether the 5S is going to be upsized or not remains to be seen. Either way, it’s an interesting development, since the decision to release the original iPhone with a 3.5 inch screen was a very calculated decision on the part of Apple, with a great deal of research going into optimal screen size.

The problem is that Apple really has no choice now other than to looking into other screen sizes if they want to keep up with their primary competitors. The Galaxy series from Samsung, for example, has produced high quality screens in various sized phones that border on a hybrid between phone and small tablet. The news comes along with rumors that Apple may be looking to increase the size of the iPad screen as well.

On the upside, we love big screens. If Apple is willing to improve quality as well as size, these are going to be great multimedia machines. The downside is that it is a big jump for the company to make. It has to be done just right, especially since Apple has been geared toward slightly smaller phones up till now. Big cases are popular for iPhones, but a significant increase in phone size could make such cases no longer viable for your pants pocket.

The good news for the iPhone 5S is that we may get a bigger screen without having to worry about a bigger device. It actually would be reasonable to fit a 4.3 inch screen onto a device the same size as the iPhone 5. If iPad decides to produce an in between size to get us ready for bigger phones, we may be getting more screen without having to worry about more phone for now.

Either way, we’ve grown to trust Apple to do things the right way, so when they are ready to give us bigger screens, we’ll no doubt have a great experience.

We Want The iPhone 5S Already!

iPhone 5S Release Date Rumors

Probably the rumor that most people care about is when this thing is going to be released! There has been a ton of speculation when it comes to just when we can expect the newest iPhone iteration.

Some reported that an iPhone 5s could be released in the early part of this year up until June, but those reports were obviously false, given that we haven’t seen it. There are others that say it could be sometime in late July, though that date is fast approaching, and despite the constant clamoring, seems unlikely.

The most likely scenario is an iPhone 5S probably won’t be announced or released until the fall of this year, like sometime in September or October. It makes sense because it falls in line with how Apple has typically doled out their iPhone releases. But who knows, having the iPhone 5S follow suit to the iPhone 4S and 3GS might be too predictable, especially for a company whose innovation has apparently come into question. However, once the 5S has an official, confirmed release date, you can be sure to see a plethora of iPhone accessories to follow and be ready as well.

The iPhone 5S Rumor Mill

iPhone 5S News and Speculation

Apple fans are psyched for the revealing of the iPhone 5S, just like they are for every other crumb that drops form the Apple table. What’s in store for technophiles this time? Here are some of the hottest rumors about the iPhone 5S.

Let’s start with something that we’ve been hearing about in connection with iPhones as long as the technology has been available. Will this finally be the iPhone that boasts NFC capability? It’s a long shot, but maybe Apple has finally decided that they want corporations to be able to use their phones as access cards to get into the building. The tech is about two years old now, so it seems unlikely that Apple is going to get on board, but you never know.

Now let’s talk about something a little more realistic: a camera upgrade. Apple knows one of the biggest things we use our phones for is social media, and the better your phone camera, the better your mobile social media experience. Not only should it beat out the 8 megapixel camera in the iPhone 5, but there are also rumors about slow motion video. A higher recording frame rate (120 FPS is being postulated at the moment), would mean that you could seriously slow down your films before they start to get choppy. With the right iPhone 5S accessories, this could result in some serious cool slow motion under water videos.

Now it’s time to discuss what Apple intends to do to keep up with Samsung. The Samsung S4 has been revealed to have advanced LTE for an even faster 4G experience (it’s supposed to be about twice as fast as regular 4G speeds). Apple hasn’t revealed anything with this technology yet, but it sounds like they’ve been negotiating to get 4G LTE Advanced on the iPhone 5S.

Another thing that we’ve really been hoping for with iPhones is a quadcore processor. Could the 5S be the phone you’ve been waiting for? The latest rumors are suggesting the possibility of the insanely fast quad core A7 chip ending up in the iPhone 5S.

Regardless of which of these features end up on the iPhone, one thing is certain. We all hope that a little competition from Google’s latest phone will drive the price down a little. I don’t know about you, but I could certainly use the extra cash to grab myself a few iPhone 5S accessories.

Possibly An iPhone Mini?

iPhone Mini Rumors and News

Rumored to be released near the same time as the iPhone 5S is a mini version of the iPhone, just like the iPad Mini. Apple has apparently been in talks with Pegatron, a different manufacturer than their main manufacturer Foxconn. These talks have been somewhat confirmed as members of Pegatron have spoken to reporters concerning their ties to Apple.

Let’s take a look at what (we think) we know.

The rumors surrounding the iPhone mini are many, and extremely varied. Some reports say that the mini will be much cheaper than the iPhone, while others argue that the mini won’t be nearly as cheap as some may suspect. There are also many rumors suggesting that an iPhone Mini would most likely be available in many different colors, much like iPods, and that this would be possible because they are to be made of a cheaper material, like plastic. With all this focus on customization and affordability, iPhone accessories for the mini will definitely be popular and plentiful.

The question really comes down to: Will an iPhone Mini just be a newer version of the 3G or 4?

Fingerprint Sensors May Be Coming To The iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S Finger Print Scanner Rumors

Something that’s been talked about for a while now, but has been coming up quite a bit is a rumor that the iPhone 5S will have a fingerprint scanner. Apple has apparently published a recent patent in which the use of fingerprint scanning is present, according to Patently Apple. As a result, many think that the new iPhone will make use of this technology in order to make the iPhone 5S more secure when it comes to locking/unlocking the device and making payments.

However, many have also stated that this may not be for the iPhone 5S, but for the iPhone 6, which would come most likely in 2014. Generally, with S releases of the iPhones the changes have most to do with speed and camera, though Siri was introduced with the iPhone 4S. If the finger print scan does not come out until the iPhone 6, it could be possible that third party makers of iPhone accessories could develop a unique app and case/screen protector package that could capitalize on this new technology. It is still a huge possibility that this next iPhone could be the stage at which Apple releases the next groundbreaking technology, in a long line of groundbreaking technologies.